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From the moment billionaire media mogul Barry Diller joined the board of Aereo Inc. in 2012, he had a date with the U.S. Supreme Court. Aereo, the streaming-TV startup challenging the economics of the television industry, goes before the court next week to fight copyright claims from broadcasters including CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co.'s ABC. Aereo's Internet service lets customers in 11 cities watch live and recorded broadcast programs for $8 a month. The case marks the culmination of a two-year court fight stemming from Aereo's bid to forge a technological route around the broadcasters' copyrights and from Diller's hope to transform an industry he once embodied. It was Diller who pushed Aereo beyond its original plan to offer service only in parts of New York, said Chet Kanojia, the company's chief executive officer.

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