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Verizon changed its FiOS buildout tune in April when it announced it would bring FiOS to Boston via a $300 million, six-year investment plan. Now, the telco is indicating other cities could be in line for a similar build. For the Boston FiOS deployment, Verizon will create a single fiber-based network that will serve multiple purposes, including delivering FTTP services to consumers and businesses, smart city applications as well as serving as a backhaul mechanism for its upcoming 5G services. CEO Lowell McAdam told investors during the telco's second quarter earnings call that the "one fiber" strategy in Boston could be replicated in other cities. "We will create a single fiber optic platform that is capable of supporting wireless and wireline technologies and multiple products," McAdam said. "In particular, we believe the fiber deployment will create economic growth for Boston and we are talking to other cities about similar partnerships."

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