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First in Broadband, the Future of Broadband

As it waits for the regulatory shoe of net neutrality to drop next month, the cable industry is going on the offensive. Lobbyists are taking preemptive aim at other Internet rules that might come down from the government soon. And meanwhile, Cablevision has become the first cable company to act in a wider battle over the future of phone calls. If the industry gets its way, it'll enjoy tremendous advantages when it comes to the economics of the Internet. Here's how. Arguing against new federal broadband standards - Let's look first at the lobbying push. On Friday, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association said it opposes the government's attempt to define a new standard for broadband speeds. Regulators have said they want to raise the minimum download speed for broadband from 4 Mbps to 25 Mbps, a decision that would suddenly make it look as though 17 percent of Americans don't have high-speed Internet.

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